SSS01 Squeezing Julie

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Ra’id had a vision. SSS Wrestling would be the next biggest thing in the wrestling world. This is the beginning of the SSS story. In this sensational opening match for SSS wrestling, Ra’id called upon the expertise of the notorious mixed boxing phenom Darrius to tag with him against the lovely Julie and the partner of her choice. As the action begins, Darrius and Ra’id wait on Julie who finally shows…but with one “small” issue. Her partner had never shown up! Poor Julie was left solo, but did not want to forfeit. What took place over the next 15 minutes was an inspirational, gutsy show of pride from Julie to fend off her male opponents.

SSS01-001 (3)

For fans of one sided, male dominated beatdowns, this video is for you! Julie suffers rear naked chokes, one-leg boston crabs, surfboards, and numerous other submission manuevers. Although Darrius proves to be the veteran that is, Ra’id shows hes no joke as well and is by far the most unique male newcomer this sport has seen in a long time. How will this bout end? Will Julie go through the 3 S’s? Will she be slammed, will she suffer, all before she submits? Or will her pride not allow her to utter those words leaving the boss and his employee to find other means to finish her off. We welcome you to find out!

BUY NOW on Clips4Sale – $20.99

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