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SSS03 Red Rivals

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Needless to say…Ra’id is very pleased. Never before has another wrestling company booked two top notch athletes like this for thier FIRST female wrestling bout. Kharma and Ariel X answer the call and show up wearing the same color! A no holds barred match which includes scissors, armbars, pins and sleepers is sure to keep you on the edge of your chair wondering who will win. Each girl takes thier turn having the advantage, and neither want to be the one to submit. A fitting name for two girls who no doubt are evenly matched rivals.
SSS03S (30)
Kharma comes from a diverse bodybuilding backround, and Ariel X is known all around the web as one of its top female fighters. For one of these ladies, a KO finishes them off. And to add further humiliation, the winner poses over the losers lifeless body! Who wins in this battle of two experienced vixens?

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