Featuring ‘Ra’id’


Ra’id. This is the boss…the pulse of…and the man who created SSS Wrestling. Ra’id may be new to wrestling, but with his military backround working for the Iraqi army, he is not new to “fighting”. He came to America in search for better business opportunites. He found wrestling, and wanted to showcase his skills to the world. Ra’id is cocky, arrogant, and will never admit anyone is better than him. He’s not here to make friends…hes here to tell it how it is. A little goofy, very humorous, and a very good business man. Ra’id is determined to lay his opponents to waste, and to place SSS Wrestling on the highest rung of the ladder in the submission wrestling world. You never know what you are getting with him…so always stay tuned!

SSS02 An Impromptu Audition

Buy Now on Clips4Sale $19.99 Julie is back! And in this second match from SSS wrestling, she wants a job! Ra’id was not impressed with her last performance and meets her request with a challenge of his own. If she can knock him out in 15 minutes, she will get her wish.

SSS01 Squeezing Julie

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Ra’id had a vision. SSS Wrestling would be the next biggest thing in the wrestling world. This is the beginning of the SSS story. In this sensational opening match for SSS wrestling, Ra’id called upon the expertise of the notorious mixed boxing phenom Darrius to tag with him against the lovely Julie and the partner of her choice.

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