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SSS Wrestling’s Clips4Sale store has launched!  Our first four wrestling videos are now available for purchase.  Mixed wrestling and female wrestling action!  Ra’id is a newcomer to the business, but shows he has what it takes to play with the big boys, and girls!  Famous and talented names such as Jennifer Thomas, Julie Squeeze, Ariel X, Cali Logan and Autumn grace our mats.  Including everyone’s favorite heel, Darrius!


SSS03 Red Rivals

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Needless to say…Ra’id is very pleased. Never before has another wrestling company booked two top notch athletes like this for thier FIRST female wrestling bout. Kharma and Ariel X answer the call and show up wearing the same color! A no holds barred match which includes scissors, armbars, pins and sleepers is sure to keep you on the edge of your chair wondering who will win. Each girl takes thier turn having the advantage, and neither want to be the one to submit. A fitting name for two girls who no doubt are evenly matched rivals.
SSS03S (30)
Kharma comes from a diverse bodybuilding backround, and Ariel X is known all around the web as one of its top female fighters. For one of these ladies, a KO finishes them off. And to add further humiliation, the winner poses over the losers lifeless body! Who wins in this battle of two experienced vixens?

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SSS02 An Impromptu Audition

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Julie is back! And in this second match from SSS wrestling, she wants a job! Ra’id was not impressed with her last performance and meets her request with a challenge of his own. If she can knock him out in 15 minutes, she will get her wish. The colorful Ra’id heckles her throughout the bout, which only seems to make Julie want to knock him out even more. Grapevine pins, Camel Clutches, Headscissors, Sleepers and much more are pulled out of Julies arsenal and given to Ra’id. As arrogant as he is, Julie is determined to put him in his place and get that contract.

Ra'id vs Julie

Julie showed her resiliency in her last match, but this is her at a whole new level. As if her stunning black two piece isnt enough of a distraction, her overall power and technical ability are sure to push Ra’id until he raises the white flag…if he does so at all. This adrenaline fueled matchup would certainly live up to any expectations, but who emerges as the victor? Does Ra’id get his way, and leave Julie in the dust at the end? Or does Julie accomplish what she set out to get…respect and a contract. We hope you all enjoy this rivalry, and maybe get a laugh from it! We have no doubt this dispute is far from over…

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SSS01 Squeezing Julie

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Ra’id had a vision. SSS Wrestling would be the next biggest thing in the wrestling world. This is the beginning of the SSS story. In this sensational opening match for SSS wrestling, Ra’id called upon the expertise of the notorious mixed boxing phenom Darrius to tag with him against the lovely Julie and the partner of her choice. As the action begins, Darrius and Ra’id wait on Julie who finally shows…but with one “small” issue. Her partner had never shown up! Poor Julie was left solo, but did not want to forfeit. What took place over the next 15 minutes was an inspirational, gutsy show of pride from Julie to fend off her male opponents.

SSS01-001 (3)

For fans of one sided, male dominated beatdowns, this video is for you! Julie suffers rear naked chokes, one-leg boston crabs, surfboards, and numerous other submission manuevers. Although Darrius proves to be the veteran that is, Ra’id shows hes no joke as well and is by far the most unique male newcomer this sport has seen in a long time. How will this bout end? Will Julie go through the 3 S’s? Will she be slammed, will she suffer, all before she submits? Or will her pride not allow her to utter those words leaving the boss and his employee to find other means to finish her off. We welcome you to find out!

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SSS Wrestling Coming Soon

SSS Wrestling is coming very soon, we will be launching within 2 weeks!