Featuring ‘Ariel X’

Ariel X. A fan of submission wrestling is really missing out if they’ve never heard of Ariel X. And for that small percentage who hasn’t heard of her…heres a quick rundown. Ariel X LOVES to compete. Nothing makes her happier than to wrestle, whether it be fetishy, all out submission, or semi-comp, this is her niche. She truly loves doing what she does, and you will never be disappointed in a video with her. Ariel X has competed coast to coast against anyone that you can imagine. And chances are…shes beaten them! She is not just a pretty face, she is someone you shouldnt turn your back on. Ariel X is a true professional who will always give it everything she has. We truly hope you enjoy her at SSS.

SSS03 Red Rivals

Buy Now on Clips4Sale $20.99 Needless to say…Ra’id is very pleased. Never before has another wrestling company booked two top notch athletes like this for thier FIRST female wrestling bout. Kharma and Ariel X answer the call and show up wearing the same color! A no holds barred match which includes scissors, armbars, pins and […]

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